Sexy Flapper Shows Off Her Tits And Pussy
Here is a Julia Ann porn gallery that proves that this chick can let loose and do something wild and adventurous. She could have started this scene out like she starts out many of them, by walking out in a normal outfit and letting her big tits speak for themselves. Instead, she decided to talk a walk on the wild side and present us with a very special fantasy.

I call it an alternative view of this famous pornstar. I say that because she walks out there wearing a hot pink wig, a flapper outfit and plenty of makeup. It makes her look like she belongs on a stage during the Jazz Age and not taking off her clothes for a porn shoot.

I really like this scene because you can never go wrong with a little fantasy injected into your porn action. Watching this sexy flapper incarnation of this babe really made me hot. I can imagine hanging out with her, Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald and partying in the streets of Paris well into the night. And then after we had enjoyed our fill of hot jazz and cold gin, then I would take this babe back to my flat and spend the evening fucking the shit out of her big tits and tight pussy.